Custom Stickers


Four things to consider when ordering custom stickers for the first time

Ordering custom stickers from a printer for the first time requires you to look for four things before you choose a printer.

These things will ensure you are pleased with the stickers you order, and you are happy with the printer you have chosen. So much so, you would not have any qualms recommending them to anyone else.

The staff — Start by finding a printer with helpful and friendly staff, as this will make your job so much easier both ordering custom stickers and dealing with any problems you may have with them.

Competitive prices — Finding a print company that offers competitive prices is also important, but only if the custom stickers they print are of a high enough quality for you to be happy with how they look and stick.

Choose high quality versus low price every time, as you will be happier with the custom stickers you get in the long run if you do.

All kinds of stickers — Only go with a printing company that can produce the stickers you want. Whether that is large purple square stickers with silver writing and rounded edges, or tiny blue stickers embossed with gold.

Make sure the printing company you choose has every type of paper and print option, so you get the exact custom stickers you envisaged. Even if your choices are nowhere near the normal.

Fancy stickers — If you really want to stand out, look for a printer that can print custom stickers with Letterpress printing, by embossing, or by using vinyl, foil or other high-end materials to produce them.

Never go with a printer that is not able to give you the fancy custom stickers you want, as you will always be unhappy with the boring stickers you eventually end up with.


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